Welcome to “The Parental Underground”. The ultimate purpose of this site is to help remove the heroin and opiate epidemic from our neighborhoods. Until then, my mission is to educate parents on everything they need to know.

Heroin and opiate addiction spares no pity for race, gender, age, class, financial status, or any other form of arbitrary separatist identification. Whether your a newcomer to your son or daughter’s addiction or a hardened veteran, This site will try to provide everything you need to start the process of finally removing this addiction from your childs life.

If you suspect that your child may be using heroin or other opiate pharmacuticals you may want to check out the Warning Signs and “Lingo” pages.

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Every day, 2,500 teenagers use a prescription drug to get high for the first time. They’re accessing these drugs in the comfort of home; it can be as easy as opening a cupboard, drawer, or medicine cabinet. The good news – there are steps you can take to help protect your kids from prescription drug abuse: monitor, secure and dispose. This site, created by Abbott and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, shows you how.

Begin the Process

If your just finding out that your child is abusing drugs you’ve come to the right place. Ask any parent who knows, this is going to be a lifelong battle not a quick fix. To start, you need to think about what the best possible approuch to your child will be, and discuss it with your spouse. Only you know your child best, how they will react to a certain situation, and the severity of their addicion. If you fear that your child is going to overdose or already has then you may want to consider an intervention. Find a treatment facility that best suites your needs. You may want it to be further from home to prevent your child from leaving and ultimatly relapsing. Be sure to check the forum for advice and to see what other parents have done.

Although some people and experts will say that “Inpatient” rehab is overated and doesn’t provide the real coping skills an addict needs, it is up to you to do the research and form your own opinion on the probability of success with an inpatient facility. Rehab is not supposed to be a punishment, it’s not supposed to be a vacation either.

Unfortunately many facilities, especially those involved within the courts, have become a hybrid of punishment and recovery. The experts argue that taking someone out of their day-to-day life, and throwing them into a structured environment for 30 days, then throwing them back into their normal lives with the same problems and responsibilities they had before they left, does not help an addict recover.

There are many different forms of recovery, it’s up to you and your family to decide. Also, be aware that inpatient rehab can be very expensive, and chances are your insurance company is not going to cover it, or only cover a few days and not the full recommended time. Once you’ve established a rehabilitation clinic you need to get your family together. Be sure to include relatives that your son and daughter have a close bond with, this could be a sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Include relatives that are not directly involved with the day to day fighting.

Your child may, for the moment, bare resentment towards you from the constant family fights that follow with heroin addiction. So you don’t want to have your son or daughter in a room with just mom and dad, it will most likely escalate into another fight. The objective of the intervention Moreā€¦