As a carer, you are almost always confronted with bedtime care. How do you do that? What do you pay attention to and what measures can you take to make it easier? a1Senior Care

Electric bed as an aid to get out of bed

Image of high low bedElectric beds are indispensable if the care in bed takes longer. They are less expensive than before and you can borrow or rent them via home care if they are temporarily needed. A lot is offered at the marketplace. They can not only be adjusted higher or lower, but also help someone to sit by raising the backrest. You can then move the legs one by one over the edge of the bed. Make sure that someone with his / her hip and pelvis part is well positioned where the movement of the bed is. Especially with a 4-piece adjustable mattress base, that is possible. A parrot is very useful. These are also available separately.

Get out of bed via its location

Illustration of a woman coming out of bed by herselfThe trunk remains stable in this way and that is nice when there is pain. It is also better for the skin of the buttocks. Try it yourself in bed. Then you can also explain to your neighbor how it works. Put a hand flat on the mattress and let your neighbor with the elbow of the underlying arm to put on the mattress (see drawings). At the same time, the feet move just outside the mattress. That weight helps to sit upright, while the hull remains fairly stable. Your neighbor must then be able to sit stably. Someone who stands up can be a bit light-headed, so offers just as much support.

A rope ladder

Image of man in bed using a rope ladderA rope ladder is super simple and helps to sit down, if someone is strong enough in his / her hands. Tie the ladder firmly at the foot end. If the ladder is tied more to the left or to the right, your neighbor can also climb a bit more slanted. This is useful as a preparation for getting out of bed. To prevent the ladder from swinging through the bed, you can secure it to the mattress or duvet with Velcro. More convenient bed aids.

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