If you suspect that your child is using heroin or some other opiate here are some tips.

The best indicator of opiate abuse is constricted pupils. If your son or daughter has constricted pupils even in dark rooms then look no further, they’re using. They may be nodding off or their eyes might be half open, sometimes they even fall asleep in mid sentence. Those are the clearest indicators that opiate abuse is taking place.


If your child is dodging you and your unable to get a good look than the next place to check out is the room. Respecting privacy is one thing but saving your child from the pain and horrible suffering of heroin addiction is another. The right to privacy is an inalienable right, that is something that should never be questioned… but not when it’s your home. The right to privacy is actually your right from outsiders. But your child doesn’t have the same rights while in your home. In that case privacy is actually more of a privledge, the more you express that, the more your children will understand and respect the right to privacy when they have their own residence.

Now most parents think to look for burnt spoons. Your not going to find any. Because nobody does that anymore. Maybe if you live on the west coast and it’s all black tar heroin you might. Some people still use them, If you happen to find one… than the investigation is closed. It’s an open and shut case You have your obvious proof. If you don’t find one then…

Here’s what you need to look for:

Syringes and orange syringe caps.
Syringes are the biggest indicator of drug abuse. Unless your child is a diabetic. Users use the caps to sometimes stir up the heroin in water. Most addicts buy a pack of needles at the drug store for less then 2$ and use the whole thing in only a few days. Eventually they’ll have to drop a syring or a cap. Be sure to check the sock drawer, a lot of time kids will hide the entire pack of needles in a sock and bury it at the bottom/corner of the drawer.

Small wax bags with or without a stamp
The reason dealers use wax bags and empty pills and not regular plastic bags like you might find with marijuana is because heroin sticks to the plastic. Once the heroin sticks to the bag it’s hard to get it out.

Clear pill with or without brown/white powder in it.
Sometimes dealers use empty herb pills to put the heroin in. The pills can be bought at any drug store and emptied of there original contents. Then the dealers fill them up with heroin and use them for distribution.

Little pieces of ripped up shopping bags
In some places dealers will put the heroin in little pieces of ripped shopping bags. They usually tie it in a bow or bomb like shape. 
This method is very rare.

Straws, half pens without ink, rolled up dollar bills, razor blades, credit cards w/ powder on them.
The Straws, pens, and dollar bills are for snorting the drug, razor blades and credit cards help break the drug up and even in out for snorting.

Very small cotton ball (maybe tainted yellow/brown)
The small cotton which is typically taken from a cigerette filter is used to filter the heroin. This is used to filter the small particles and “cut” out of the heroin. Anything to big that may clog the syringe or even worse, stop your heart, will be left in the cotton. Some IV users don’t even know that although using cotton helps clean the heroin before injection, it can also give a user Cotton Fever. 

Shoe laces and looped belts.
Addicts will use them to restrict blood flow and help bulge veins for injection.