No, your not crazy. Heroin is everywhere. And yes there’s a lot more now than ever. Chances are your kids probably would have never done it, if it wasn’t so easy to find. The drug war costs American taxpayers $70 billion a year and over the past 35 years, costs approach a trillion dollars. Result? Drugs remain CHEAPER and MORE available than 35 years ago. Now your probably wondering “Where is all of it coming from”. And I’m going to tell you. Drug abuse has become embedded within our society through popular culture and other forms of conditioning. And I’m not talking about pot and stoner movies. Children of today are being conditioned into, controlled upon, and manipulated to be… under achievers. Not by the petty drug dealers in your neighborhood, and not by their friends. The truth is, there is a small, select, handfull group of global elite, that are turning profits off your family’s pain and suffering. And while the masses walk around oblivious to this reality, an entire generation slips into a lifetime of indentured servitude. Let’s not minimize the role of peer pressure and your own child’s responsibility, but at the same time there decision making skills are being altered intentionally.

Currently, 95% of the entire world supply of Heroin comes from Afghanistan. Afghanistan produces pure No.4 Heroin. Over 200,000 families in Afghanistan make their income through poppy farms. (Heroin comes from the Poppy Plant) Cultivating the poppy plant is legal in Afghanistan. Poppy plant’s are very easy to grow, especially in Afghanistan’s hot climate. Below you’ll see many pictures of US Troops (AKA “Our Kids”) patrolling and guarding in and around huge poppy farms. Obviously it doesn’t take a lot of ingenuity to figure out that the entire “War on Drugs” is a big farce. The most immediate way to stop the current and ongoing “flooding” of heroin into our neighborhoods, is to get out of Afghanistan.

Poppy plant’s barely need anything to survive on their own. And they sell for more than any other crop. Most of the families that grow poppy don’t even have running water. It’s ironic that these people are supplying the worlds heroin and still live in poverty. So why waste money on growing a normal crop that requires more resources and much more work when you can just sit back and let it grow by itself.

But why the sudden increase now? The War in Afghanistan. The same thing happened during The Vietnam War in. A good example would be Frank Lucas, who was responsible for importing large amounts of Heroin directly into the U.S. during the late 60’s early 70’s. He completely flooded New York and New Jersey with pure No. 4 Heroin ultimately putting all of his competitors out of buisness. Frank’s secret was his connections in the military and around South East Asia. It was later revealed that the heroin was smuggled in on U.S. Air Force cargo planes. Frank paid his men to hide the heroin in the caskets of dead soldiers being shipped home for their proper burial. If you think that makes you sick, wait until you hear more.

Afghanistan Opium/Heroin is deliberately being brought into the states by US intelligence agencies. Particularly the CIA. The same was true during the Iran-Contra scandal.

Iran/Contra Explained

Obviously the majority of local and state law enforcment has no idea that the very drugs they are fighting to remove from our neighborhoods are being brought in by the CIA. The question isn’t whether or not government agencies like the CIA are transporting heroin and other drugs into the United States. Then overseeing and supervising the distribution into our neighborhoods. The question is… “Why?”

Former CIA Black Ops member Chip Tatum Speaks

“We simply brought the drugs out of the contra camps, into designated areas in Honduras. They were then transferred into military and civilian aircraft and brought into the United States, dispersed to our children around the United States.”
– Chip Tatum (Former CIA Black Ops Agent)
*That was Chip’s last interview before his disappearance in 1998. In 2007 His body was found off the coast of Panama, he had been tortured and murdered. His entire face removed.

Here are ten ways the War on Drugs is a wild success:

Military-Industrial Profits: As the Vietnam War came to an end, it struck fear into the military-industrial machine that enjoyed great profits from that conflict. In a world where contrived enemies were needed to keep a constant funding of weapons, Richard Nixon declared drugs “Public Enemy Number 1″. Thus, domestic armies were erected to combat the illegal drug trade, delivering consistent cash flow to weapons manufacturers. These companies make money, not just from the needs of the DEA, border patrol, and local police forces, but also from drug traffickers. Win-win and profits all around.

Huge Boom to Private Prisons: The private prison industry thrives off long sentences for drug offenders. At least 25% of their profits come from these nonviolent criminals. A great number more are held on “drug related” charges that may have resulted in drug violence. However, the current trend shows that three-quarters of new inmates admitted to state prisons are nonviolent offenders. Private prisons clearly depend on arresting pot smokers and addicts of more severe drugs.

Prevents Higher Unemployment Rates: Imagine if the millions of American currently jailed on drug charges were released into a job market already suffering from real unemployment numbers over 20%. Additionally, if it wasn’t for drugs being illegal, countless people like DEA agents, court staff, prison guards, parole officers, drug dealers, etc would otherwise be unemployed. Thank goodness for the war on drugs, or the U.S. economy would look even worse.

Suppresses Minority Populations: It’s often said that the drug war is a war on minorities: “According to the ACLU, African Americans make up an estimated 15% of drug users, but they account for 37% of those arrested on drug charges, 59% of those convicted and 74% of all drug offenders sentenced to prison. Or consider this: The U.S. has 260,000 people in state prisons on nonviolent drug charges; 183,200 (more than 70%) of them are black or Latino.” So it is a huge success for those who wish to suppress minority populations.

Drives Up Prices: Making any substance illegal will result in much higher prices than a free market would dictate. Especially when there’s a high demand for that substance. In the case of the cannabis plant, which grows like a weed and requires very little value added, the dried flower would virtually be free if it wasn’t for the harsh restrictions and dangers involved in producing and distributing it. These high prices are terrific for drug dealers and even medical marijuana growers opposed legalization in California because it threatened their profits.

Drug Violence Justifies Tough Gun Laws: The violence generated from the prohibition of drugs is reminiscent of the extreme mob violence during the prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition of anything will always create black markets which require firearms to protect banned products. Recently, the U.S. government itself was caught red-handed supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels in their “Fast and Furious” scandal. It’s now proven that the ATF plotted to use Fast and Furious to push for new gun control regulations. Indeed, most street violence is due to turf wars over the drug trade, and tougher gun laws are proposed as the war escalates. It’s wonderful for those who blame violence on guns and wish to restrict them from law-abiding citizens.

Protects Big Pharma Monopolies: No one is happier about the war on drugs than Big Pharma. Their control over the FDA and monopoly of “controlled substances” would be threatened if all drugs were legalized. They want you addicted to their FDA-approved versions of heroin and cocaine, not something you can get on the black market. In turn, they also benefit greatly when the prices of street drugs increase, as they can then inflate the cost of their products. They love the drug war so much they’ve lobbied to extend it to vitamins and supplements.

Allows Proxy Armies: If you want to create an empire by force, but it’s politically disadvantageous to base your army in certain countries, then the global war on drugs is your ticket to supplying troops or creating proxy armies. One of the most recent examples is Costa Rica, a peaceful country in Central America without an army, where the U.S. bribed the government to allow the Navy and Marines to be stationed off the Caribbean coast to fight the war on drugs. In other nations where even this won’t be allowed, the CIA funds and arms one of the drug cartels who then act as their hired enforcers, or they’re used as an excuse for governments to accept U.S. help to combat the enemy they created. In either case, the U.S. sells more arms and trains soldiers to be used upon command.

Keeps Big Banks Flush with Cash: It has long been known that big banks happily launder money for the big drug cartels. According to The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), “Up to 1.5 trillion dollars in drug money are laundered through legal enterprises, accounting for 5% of global GDP.” Take just this year and one bank, Wachovia; who had to pay a slap-on-the-wrist fine for laundering more than $420 billion for Mexican drug cartels. Imagine where the big banks would be without this money, given that they also needed a bailout of over $23 trillion for lack of sufficient deposits to pay for their gambling habits.

Funds CIA Black Ops: Do you ever wonder where the U.S. government gets all that money for their secret “Black Ops” like underground bases, secret wars, corporate takeovers and seed money, etc? It’s been proven over and over that the CIA (and Pentagon) controls a large majority of the illicit drug trade either directly or indirectly through proxies mentioned above. They’ve been caught in the act of shipping in massive amounts of cocaine, while the CIA now openly admits to protecting and facilitating the opium trade in Afghanistan. If it wasn’t for this tremendous profit, the CIA would not be able to build their secret shadow government.

So, as you can see, there are great benefits to the War on Drugs depending what side of the coin you’re on.